Support Organizations


Networking can be your best source of customers, clients, contractors, colleagues, advisors and mentors. Business and professional organizations can put you in touch with people who can help you. Many also provide educational support to business owners. Just like the organizations that operate them, these websites are gateways to even more information.

BusinessSmall Business BC provides quality information products and services to the British Columbia business community

One Stop Business Registry provides access to the most commonly required business registrations and transactions

Chambers of Commerce are not-for-profit community organizations representing the interests and concerns of business members. 

Business Development Bank is run by the Government of Canada to support small and medium-sized business

Community Futures British Columbia offers programs and resources for entrepreneurial and community development opportunities through its 34 locally and strategically positioned organizations throughout British Columbia.

High Tech

High Technology in British Columbia will connect you to websites that provide support, information, and advice. The focus is on BC investors, entrepreneurs, technology-based companies and science, technology and engineering students.

New Ventures gives early-stage B.C. innovators and entrepreneurs access to technology leaders and business education. 

The BC Technology Industry Association is an industry-funded organization supporting the growth of British Columbia's strong knowledge economy. Its network of more than 2100 member companies are all sizes and from all technology sectors and collectively employ over 70,000 workers in BC.

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development in Canada.


BC Sustainable Energy Association helps you further your career by meeting the people you want to be working with.

BuySmart Network can help you create a business case for buying smarter, greener, and with more social consciousness by offering research tools, learning circles, an online forum and technical advisory services. Subscribe to their free newsletters.

Rural Opportunities Network is an open network of people and knowledge, forcused on raising awareness and creating opportunities for small businesses engaged in the sustainable use of natural resources.

Aboriginal People

Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training (Aboriginal BEST) offers a training series that focuses on helping participants identify viable business ideas and determine their feasibility. Participants conduct market research, write business plans, and explore financing options.

Aboriginal Business Canada works with Aboriginal entrepreneurs, businesses, financial institutions, national Aboriginal economic development boards and other partners to maximize Aboriginal people's participation in the economy through business development.

Aboriginal Business Mentorship Program provides Aboriginal business owners with a mentoring experience that guides and supports them as they identify and pursue their business goals.

Aboriginal Business Service Network Society provides Aboriginal entrepreneurs with governmental information and resources they need for business start-up and operations, at no cost.

The Aboriginal Canada PORTAL offers links to programs, services and information related to education and professional training specifically for Aboriginal people. 

Through training, information resources, networking opportunities and co-operative marketing programs, the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC is a one-stop resource for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities in British Columbia who are operating or looking to start a tourism business.

Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative shares information about Aboriginal entrepreneurs and businesses through its educational programs.

The British Columbia Aboriginal Business Awards celebrate the accomplishment of the province's Aboriginal business sector and its contribution to the economy of British Columbia.

The Business Advisory Centres in Cranbrook, Fort St. John and Prince George assist Aboriginal entrepreneurs with business start-up or expansion, partnerships and planning.

Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers provides assistance, training opportunities, and information to small business owners.

Indspire recognizes Indigenous professionals and youth who demonstrate outstanding achievements during their Annual Awards.


The Women's Enterprise Centre assists women in starting and growing businesses in British Columbia. It is the leading business resource centre in B.C. for women starting, purchasing or growing a small business.

This webpage has links to national and internal women's business networks and information.


The Tourism Industry Assocation of British Columbia is an advocacy organiztion representing more than 18,000 tourism operations across the province.

Film Industry

The BC Film Commission provides production and community services to the film industry, promoting locations across the province. Check out the regional support page

The Film and Image Bank contains images and high definition video form every region of British Columbia, all available to media at no charge to accompany travel editorial or for use in tourism advertising.

The British Columbia Talent Agency List shows licensed talent agencies, in aphabetical order by legal name.

The Commercial Production Association of Western Canada promotes and protects the commercial production industry in Western Canada.

The Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia acts as the "voice and vision" ofthe motion picture industry in Brtiish Columbia.