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Climate Action


Over the next 20 years, B.C.'s population is expected to reach 5.5 million, an increase of more than one million people. These pages have great resources to help local governments keep climate action on the top of the list when planning how to accommodate this growth.

Local GovernmentBC Stats has collected environmental statistics on one page. Also visit the population and demographics page for regional projections.

Pacific Carbon Trust offers quality carbon offsets, measured as one metric tonne of carbon dioxide or equivalent (CO2e) that is reduced or removed from the atmosphere as a result of emission-reducing (offset) activities.

Climate Action Charter, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, is a pledge for local governments to become carbon neutral by 2012, measure and report on their communities’ greenhouse gas emissions profile, and work to create compact, more energy-efficient communities.

The Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, leads and drives change to achieve the Province’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development's Green Communities page provides links to several resoruces related to climate action.

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development's A Guide to Green Choices provides ideas and practical advice for land use decisions in British Columbian communities.

Initiatives Contributing to GHG Reduction and Rural Economic Development: EU Examples (pdf download) is a short report reviewing innovative programs, energy plans and other strategies in the European Union that strive to achieve the dual benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating economic opportunities for rural residents.

The Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Guide provides local governments with background information and guidance to calculate greenhouse gas emission reductions for various types of infrastructure.

The Gas Tax Agreement transfers gas tax revenues to B.C. cities and communities.

The BC Climate Action Toolkit gives B.C. communities the latest news, best practices and practical advice to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement their Climate Action Charter commitments.

The Green Energy as a Rural Economic Development Tool Project is designed to increase rural knowledge of green energy opportunities and to develop new tools that will facilitate increased rural benefits from green energy development in the mountain pine beetle epidemic zone of BC.