Planning Resources


Forethought and planning are required in the making and support of accessible communities, housing, diversity, arts and culture.

Local GovernmentThe Local Government Act requires an Official Community Plan (OCP) to include housing policies respecting affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing. The legislation also allows a local government to include policies in the OCP relating to social needs, social well-being and social development. For more information, visit the Social Planning website, hosted by the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

The Social Planning and Research Council of BC focuses on social justice issues and works together with communities on accessibilitycommunity development, income security and research.

United Native Nations addresses the political and socio-economic concerns of non-status aboriginals in British Columbia.

BC Rural Network is a coalition of organizations, communities, and individuals who share a commitment to building the capacity of British Columbia to develop responses to rural and remote community issues.

Canadian Rural Partnership is the key policy framework supporting federal rural policy efforts, whose goal is to enhance the quality of life in rural communities and better equip the communities to compete in a global economy.

Northern Development Ministers Forum advances the diverse and common interests of Northerners while raising awareness among decision-makers and the public about the accomplishments, contributions and potential of the North.

Canada West Foundation explores public policy issues of particular interest to western Canadians, to test national policies against regional aspirations and to ensure an effective regional voice in national policy discussions and the national political process.

Community Research Connections is dedicated to the sustainable features of Canadian communities, exploring how to reconcile ecological, social, and economic imperatives through integration of our culture and arts.

Creative City Network of Canada is an organization of municipal staff working in communities across Canada on arts, cultural and heritage policy, planning, development and support