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The Economic Development Association of British Columbia (EDABC) is the leading provincial association of economic development practitioners and is dedicated to providing services that support the activities, profile and development of its members and their economic development goals.

The Community Development Institute at the University of Northern British Columbia is interested in two fundamental issues for communities in northern BC: community capacity and community development. By undertaking research, sharing information, and supporting education outreach, the Institute is becoming a vital partner to communities interested in making informed decisions about their own futures.

Rural Health Services Research Network of BC
The RHSRNbc aims to build excellence in rural and remote health research by increasing capacity, facilitating communication, building partnerships and increasing collaboration. The site includes:

Vancouver Island Community Research Alliance (VICRA)
VICRA is an Island-focused community-campus research alliance between the five post-secondary institutions on Vancouver Island, the United Way and community foundations, Aboriginal organizations, local governments, community agencies, Vancouver Island Health Authority and business leaders to mobilize the collective and diverse research, knowledge, skills and capacities in service of the people of Vancouver Island.

University of Victoria Office of Community-Based Research
The Office of Community-Based Research at UVic (OCBR-UVic) is a community–university partnership which supports community engagement and research to create vibrant, sustainable and inclusive communities.

Other rural research can be found at:

  • Canadian Rural Research Network
    The Canadian Rural Research Network (CRRN) facilitates sharing of research outputs and research-related information among a broad spectrum of rural stakeholders, from academia, the public sector and the private sector, including practitioners, professional consultants, formal and informal community groups and organizations, local government and government officials.
  • The Rural Secretariat (RS)
    The Rural Secretariat (RS) aims to improve the quality of life in rural communities so these regions can compete in the global economy. The Secretariat also ensures that federal policies and programs respond to the needs of these communities. Research provided by this organization includes: Rural Profile Reports; the Community Information Database; the Rural and Small Town (RST) Canada Analysis Bulletin; and Rural and Small Town (RST) Canada Analysis Working Papers.
  • Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Brandon University
    The Rural Development Institute (RDI) is a centre for excellence in rural development helping strengthen rural and northern communities through research and information on issues unique to these areas. The Institute focuses on a comprehensive range of research topics, including: Community economic development (CED), Community leadership, Environmental and agro-economic issues, Information management and technology utilization, Policy and program research and development, Rural adaptation and change, Rural/northern health & well-being, Rural Immigration, and Rural tourism

Muniscope provides the federal, provincial, territorial and local governments of Canada with research services that cover a broad spectrum of municipal subjects. Muniscope’s research services are also available to private sector clients, municipal associations, and to academia.


Rural British Columbia Profile: A Fifteen-year Census Analysis (1991-2006)
Using Census data from 1991 to 2006, the Rural British Columbia Profile examines the extent to which the socio-economic wellbeing of rural British Columbians is influenced by urban centres. The Rural Profile is the result of a joint initiative between the Governments of British Columbia and Alberta and the Government of Canada, Rural and Co-operative Secretariat.